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Our Team.

Our team consists of 20 female and 11 male, full-time employees. Additionally, we have 8 part-time employees and a couple of young dentists in training. The majority of our team is Dutch. Everybody at Dentist Amsterdam speaks good English and several of our employees even speak more than just one language. Apart from Dutch, we have four other nationalities in our team.

Chris Soffner
Hesther Robbe
Jacques Schimberg
Lucy Prent
Marjolein Detiger
Pauline Remmert
Peter van Wagenberg
Stijn Kregting
Thomas Rietrae
Tom Prent
William Papa

Prevention Dental Assistents:
Asia Kowalczyk
Barbara Paradies
Esmeralda Gelauf
Kiyana Elahi
Marjolein Venema
Monique Broeren
Nahida Nabi
Ruth Thomassetti

Ilian Dargel
Nanno Kroeze

Dental Hygienists:
Roos Tijmes
Malou Schreinemachers
Marly Stefens
Karlien Valk

Chairelee Razab Sekh
Ghada Kuhail
Jeannette Alker
Joelle van Houten
Marcha Sajovec
Nienke de Roos
Nynke van den Berg
Parvaneh Tousi
Robin van Dijk

Sander Menso

Elisa Ploeger
Laura Scholten
Pauline Groenhof
Philip Rietrae
Tessa Brusche
Office manager
Marit Lägers

Dentist with Orthodontics Specialization:
Pueyos Sanchez

Dental Hygienst:
Karlien Valk
Malou Schreinemachers
Marly Stefens
Roos Tijmes
Sacha Kraal

Office Manager:
Marit Lägers

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